Improve your Workouts in 5 Easy Steps

by Shaula Saldaña January 27, 2021

5 Consejos Básicos para Tener Un Buen Entrenamiento 

Written by: Paola - The Vegan Booty

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Beyond our gym or stay-at-home workout routine, our daily habits play a key role in us reaping all of the benefits from our workouts.

If you want to easily improve the quality or intensity of your workout sessions and obtain the best results possible, here are five easy steps you should take into account and apply them to your daily routine so that your progress won't get diminished by what you do outside the gym


#1: Proper Nutrition


We might think this is quite obvious since we all know that food plays a fundamental role when we have goals such as losing weight or increasing muscle mass, but we must not forget that what we eat is also our fuel when training. That is why giving our body what it needs before training is essential to maintain good energy levels when exercising and also for a good recovery afterwards. The favorite source of energy for the brain and muscles are carbohydrates and these are divided into two types: complex and simple, the former are digested and absorbed more slowly, while the latter have a faster absorption. Make sure to consume complex carbohydrates at least 2-3 hours before training, as these will give you sustained energy to keep your workouts at full capacity, and in case of high energy demand exercises you can consume a simple carbohydrate an hour before training to have an energy boost. Proteins and fats have a longer digestion and absorption time, so it is best to consume them at least 3 hours before training so that your digestion does not interfere with training.


#2: Optimal Hydration

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Our body is largely made up of water, and that is why hydration is essential to maintain optimal functioning and good performance while we train. The general recommendation is to consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, although this may vary depending on the climate in which we live in, amounts of physical activity, weight, age, etc. It is recommended that at least 2 hours before training 500 ml of water be consumed and about 20 minutes before training 200 ml, this is in order to ensure that the hydration levels in the body are adequate and we do not suffer significant dehydration while we exercise .

#3: Optimal Rest


Resting does not only involve sleeping but really to have a deep and restorative sleep that allows us to have an adequate recovery, this is important not only for a good training, but also to maintain good cognitive levels, control stress and anxiety, be alert, etc. The recommendation for someone who works out regularly is to seek to sleep at least 7 hours and that this is a continuous sleep without interruptions to really obtain the greatest benefits.


#4: Proper Warm-up


Many people consider that warming up isn't so important and that it's better to use that direct time in training, but reality is that a good warm-up not only protects us from injuries but also lays the foundation for making your training much more effective and allows us to progress faster in it. Make sure you do a warm-up that not only raises your body temperature but also works your mobility and little by little helps you increase your range of motion. To do this, also incorporate some dynamic stretching exercises and perform exercises that are the basis for the exercises that you will perform during training.


#5: A Well-Scheduled Routine


As I have always mentioned, having a plan is essential, when we do not have a plan to follow we are condemned to arrive at the gym or our training time and do whatever comes to mind at that moment, therefore we do not see the results we expect and it will be very difficult to make adequate progress over time. That is why it's important that you take some time before training to structure your routine, and that when you get to training your only goal is to execute, this will also help you not to have excuses and to feel more motivated when exercising. If you do not have training knowledge, it will always be advisable to consult with a certified trainer who can help you program a routine according to your goals and that allows you to see constant progress.


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