Group Training - How To Find Motivation

by Marine Le Sager November 21, 2019

Train With People And Get Motivated As Hell!!

Working Out In Group With Elastic Bands 

When it comes to working out, not everyone trains in the same way. We don't seek the same objectives and mostly, we don't enjoy the same exercises.

Some of your friends will be more inclined to train outdoors because sport equals nature for them. On the other side, some prefer the infrastructure of a gym or other facilities to exercise.
The goals that you want to achieve are probably different from the ones of your neighbor. 

There are people looking for extreme exercises in order to reach the body's limits and break psychological goals, and there are others who only train for aesthetic and healthy purpose.

Above all, there are numerous folks who only enjoy the company of great music and prefer to work out alone.  

But what about the people who are not motivated or need to exercise with others to be energized?

Group exercise has been very trendy lately, and it is something that has been working for some of us.

If you're one of those people who you think they would enjoy group fitness, you have come to the right place! Keep reading if you want to discover the benefits of group training.

 Group Exercising - Lunges

What are the Advantages of Group Exercise?

The scientific aspect is more important than we might think! Group training goes beyond just working out and relaxing together.

From a psychological point of view, we can get more benefits:

  • Social inclusion,
  • Mental Health improvement,
  • Psychological support.

To find fitness motivation, check at your local gym if they offer group training of yoga, boxing, or CrossFit for instance. 


Bringing Social Opportunities

Group exercise is such a great occasion to meet people who have similar lifestyle and hobbies than yours! It's a cool possibility to get to know the people in your community and in your neighborhood.
If you are used to working out on your own, just know that it's usually more fun to train with people that share something in common with you.

Take the opportunity of pre and post-workout sessions to have conversations and even make friends! Download apps like Eventful or Meetup to check for local upcoming events regarding sport (or else)!


Seek for Motivation

Working out with others can, consciously or not, push you to physically give more during the exercise. Also, you can be motivated by the group instructor or training partners that are usually pushing you to dig deeper into your energy!! Therefore,  you are more likely to follow this sport routine.

Get inspired by others! 


Implement a Healthy Habit

There are so many ways of trying Group exercises! 

If you are looking for improving your health & cardio as well as losing weight, choose aerobic group exercises like Zumba or HIIT.
If you want to develop your strength, you can choose Crossfit or Boot camp for instance.
And if you seek to explore your flexibility and inner peace, you can find different types of Yoga, from the most chill one called Hatha Yoga to the most intense, named Ashtanga Yoga.

Choose the activity that fits your lifestyle the best and caught your attention. You don't have to stay if you don't like it! You can keep looking until you find the discipline that suits you the best.

Group Exercising - Yoga

What scientific studies say about it

The benefits of group training are getting known in our society.

According to researchers, they are accumulating and increasing over the years. 
Group exercise is so effective that it improves the quality of life as well as physical abilities among individuals with chronic and even terminal illnesses. Some studied regarding this matter have been conducted. If you want to read them entirely, check the bibliography at the end of the article. 

Forty women over the age of 45, with primary breast cancer, participated in a group training course conducted in a facility three times a week for a total length of 16 weeks. The group exercise consisted of physical activities that promote aerobic workouts, strength, and flexibility. Studies about the women's physical state and quality of life were conducted before, during, and at the end of the program. 

The results showed that group training was feasible, safe and well-tolerated by these women. In addition, participants experienced significant health benefits during the course, as well as an increase in positivity & well-being, and decrease of anxiety. The results highlight the need to include physical activity programs as a complement to the treatment of breast cancer.

Even for people with chronic illnesses, group exercising can be incredibly healthy! The conclusion of these studies is that it's good and healthy to surround ourselves with people who share positive lifestyles with us!

Group Exercise Is Fun

We hope this article will inspire to try working out with other people!

Once you are done working out don't forget to drink Falcon Protein to help your muscles recover. If you want to discover recipes for your post-workout snack, have a look at our Birdman blog

Keep on sweating and being healthy!


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Marine Le Sager
Marine Le Sager


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