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by Natalia Urdiales May 14, 2021

Activities for a Good Mental Health

By: Francisco Vega



Taking care of our health is very important, but our mental health requires special attention in order to enjoy life calmly and have excellent productivity.

If you are going through moments of anxiety, stress or some situation that is affecting your mental health, I share 5 activities that are great allies to take care of it.




Although it seems obvious, exercise or physical activity in general is an action that goes far beyond just moving. Exercising improves the health of our body, digestion, mood, our feeling of well-being, strengthens our muscles, keeps us at an appropriate weight and a healthy heart.

Speaking of mental health, exercising reduces stress, anxiety, feelings of depression and improves insomnia problems, this because when we are exercising the body releases chemicals called endorphins which interact with the receptors of our brain reducing the perception of pain It also increases our positive attitude and mood. Try it, be constant and you will see the changes.




Meditation is a universal practice that is increasingly used and included in our lifestyles, given the benefits it promotes in our body and health, including mental health. It is not necessary to practice hours and hours of meditation, with 5 minutes a day I assure you that you will notice the difference in the rest of your day. Meditation refreshes your mind, develops tolerance, the ability to focus and innovation, promotes peace of mind and tranquility.

If you feel that some of these sensations or skills are missing, it is time to try meditation in your day, I recommend that you include it as a habit to practice it along with a routine that you already have established, for example; If you apply your cleansing and facial care routine every morning, try to include it at the end, this will make you practice it without fail, which will make it another habit in your daily routine.




In addition to developing skills, writing as a personal practice is an excellent tool for maintaining good mental health. Staying busy with actions other than your established activities such as work, family, business, etc. It will allow you to have a time of introspection, in which you can improve your internal dialogue, as well as stimulate creativity and positive emotions.

Try to write about your day: how did your morning start? What did you learn from the last person you talked to? What did you like about the day you had? What didn't you like about your day? If for times it is difficult to dedicate a space in your activity, choose to write in notes on your phone, the key is perseverance. Draining the thoughts or emotions that we do not express when speaking can be grounded through writing, if you consider that they are personal thoughts write for yourself and at the end, tear up the page where you wrote or delete the note you have made on your phone.

The great thinkers and philosophers used writing as a method to create their literary works and art, give yourself the opportunity to try it and you will feel how your emotions and mood improve.




The sense of smell is one of the receptors that intervenes a lot in our emotions and sensations. Have you thought that certain aromas bring you more happiness than others? In aromatherapy based on essential oils, smelling citrus or floral essences such as: essence of orange, lavender, lemon balm or sage, promote the feeling of peace and happiness. You can find many brands on the market, opt for those essential oils that are therapeutic grade and 100% natural extracts, which you can smell and use topically, avoid all those commercial or supermarket brands.


Herbal teas


Being the most consumed beverages, teas and some infusions have positive effects on relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety and insomnia. Such as chamomile, valerian, rosemary, peppermint, dill, among others.

Although they are not the solution to completely reduce anxiety or stress, they are great allies to mitigate these sensations, in addition to promoting good mental health. Try to include a cup of your some of these days at a time when you feel your mind very loaded with negative emotions that do not allow you to keep your mind calm and agile.


Remember that the most important of these activities is to keep your mental health in an optimal state, although there are many factors that can cause otherwise, these activities that you can include in your lifestyle will help you maintain peace and tranquility in your day. Today, the key is to constantly practice until you create a new habit.

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Natalia Urdiales
Natalia Urdiales


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