Stay Healthy During Quarantine!

by Shaula Saldaña May 05, 2020

How to Take Care of Your Health During Quarantine

Written by: Paola - The Vegan Booty

We're currently going through a worldwide situation that's making us all deal with a lot of uncertainty and concern, but even so, it's really important to try and stay in the best possible physical and mental state so that we can overcome this together and that our health doesn't deteriorate during this pressing times. We as a team wish you the very best during these trying times and hope these 9 tips to stay healthy during quarantine we'll share with you next can help you deal with this whole situation a lot better.


#1: Stay Present

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With all the information that we have access to today and the constant flow of news around us, it's very common to feel overwhelmed and sometimes anxious or worried about what may happen in the following months. But remember that it's very important that you try your best to avoid negative thoughts about the future and seek to occupy your mind focusing on positive things. To deal better with anxiety you can try to do a couple of daily meditation or controlled breath sessions that allow you to clear your mind and take you back to the present moment. You can also keep a journal or list of activities or tasks to accomplish during the day, this will help you stay busy, focus on yourself and your projects and keep you from feeling lost or aimless for the following weeks.


#2. Nurture Your Body

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During this period of time, it's important that we put special attention to neglecting our diets. It's an excellent opportunity for us to start cooking at home and taking advantage of preparing dishes that help us strengthen our immune system and maintain good physical and mental health. Many basic and cheap foods like beans, rice, lentils, spinach, oranges, broccoli, garlic, fermented foods, etc. help us maintain a healthy immune system and we currently know that our immune system is related to mental health, so the better we eat, it will also be reflected in our mood.


#3. Keep Moving

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It's important that we stay active while we're at quarantine, although many won't be able to exercise as they usually do due to lack of equipment or space, there are always options to perform some routines without extra equipment, as well as easy-to-do-at-home stretching or mobility sessions. The important thing during this period of time is to enjoy staying active and not feel pressured to comply with a certain structure with training in this time. We can accomplish that by finding ways to stay active and help us feel good and calm. Even if workout routines at home are not your thing, you can do a deep cleaning of your closets, old files, tidy up your spaces, etc. These can all be activities that involve a lot of physical activity without necessarily being a workout, so no matter how, the important thing is to keep moving in order to maintain good health.

#4. Drink Lots of Water

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Drinking enough water daily is important for the proper functioning of our body, but at this time it becomes even more important since good hydration helps us control the levels of inflammation in the body and therefore be less likely to develop a disease. Staying well hydrated also helps control overeating by anxiety these days when boredom can be confused with hunger and can cause certain imbalances to our overall health.


#5. Si te es posible, toma un poco el Sol

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Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, and the easiest way to obtain it naturally is by exposing ourselves to the sun for 10 to 30 minutes some days a week (in addition to exposing yourself to sunlight a few days it'll also make you feel better, more relaxed and in better spirits). If you cannot sunbathe, you can supplement with vitamin D in capsules, with prior medical authorization.


#6. Listen to Your Body

We are human, so it's perfectly normal to have days where you don't want to move, be productive and eat not as healthy, and it's fine. We're going through a situation of great uncertainty and concern and it's normal that our levels of motivation vary from day to day. So listen to yourself and if one day you want to treat yourself with a special snack: do it! If you need to take a day to do nothing and watch a new series, that's fine too. Don't feel pressured to stay busy all the time. It's okay to take time just for us in this time of isolation to identify how we feel and allow ourselves to flow with the situation.


#7. Do Something You've Been Postponing

We all have projects that we've been putting on our to-do lists or new things that we'd like to learn, and this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the extra time you might have on your hands right now to start some of those projects. Seek to do something that helps you feel motivated, nowadays there are many videos, courses, tutorials and a lot of information online to basically learn anything from home, and it's just a matter of taking advantage of all the tools and resources available to us.


#8. Wash your hands and consider all the Official Recommendations

I think this is something that we have heard a lot about, but it is worth remembering that an extremely important and effective preventive measure is to maintain good hygiene by washing our hands constantly. Also staying at home, respecting social distancing, limiting exits for the absolutely essential as well as the use of mouth covers and gloves outside, are some of the other basic measures to prevent infection at this time.


#9. Stay in Touch with your Loved Ones

In these moments having contact through social networks or video calls with our loved ones can help us a lot to have a better spirit and to not feel so alone now that social isolation has physically removed us from them. Take advantage of the technology we have and get in touch with all those friends or family with whom you haven't spoken for a long time and reconnect with them!


Special thanks to Paola (The Vegan Booty) for sharing this 9 Tips to Stay Healthy During Quarantine with us! You can get in touch with her on social media, we'll leave the links below!  😉⤵

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Shaula Saldaña
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