Get Motivated While you Exercise!

by Natalia Urdiales June 03, 2021

How to motivate yourself to exercise?

By: Francisco Vega



Exercising or doing sports is an excellent practice to improve and maintain an optimal state of health in general, and mental health is also part of it.

Stress, anxiety, feelings of depression or insomnia are diminished in people who exercise regularly, because by moving your body eliminates toxins, improves constipation problems, increases the feeling of well-being and strengthens muscles, while reducing stress, anxiety, improves sleep and promotes adequate rest.

An important factor that often affects that people do not perform physical activity or their favorite exercise is the lack of motivation, for this I share some tips to motivate you and do it.


#1 Look for a partner

Having company becomes a great motivation that activates your mood to exercise.

Invite your best friend, partner or family member to accompany you on this path! They may not always be able to accompany you, but it will be a great start as you build discipline and gain consistency to exercise by yourself.


#2 Document your progress

Take photos, write down the time of your routine or physical activity or write the number of km you travel. Documenting your progress will allow you to maintain self-discipline and personal competence to exceed your goals and have better results. Remember that your best competition is with yourself!


#3 Don't spend too much time on it

It's not necessary to have very long sessions of training or physical activity, little by little you will have a better performance with which you can increase the time of exercise. With 20 or 30 minutes a day you get endless benefits.


#4 Sign up for a class

Enjoying your favorite activities is a good start to start exercising. Sign up for a class in dance, swimming, yoga, skating, etc.

The gym is not the only place to exercise! In fact, in the BCC News blog they shared a statistic about people who drop out of the goal of exercising after joining the gym, with up to 80% the number of people who drop out of the gym after the first few months. So try activities that you like.


#5 Listen to music that you enjoy

Whether it's music, audiobooks, or podcasts, get motivated with content that entertains you or increases your knowledge while you exercise. In this way, you occupy the exercise time in another action, improving not only your physical abilities, but also mental and agile thinking skills.

If you are a person who has little time on your schedule, this dynamic duo can come in handy to fulfill all your activities and exercise.


# 6 Reward yourself

Either in massages, walks, trips, or with something that you were waiting to buy.

Preferably do not reward yourself with food. Rewarding yourself will allow you to increase your motivation to move forward on your path of building exercise and movement habits.

Remember that exercising is not for appearance, it's for health, which is extremely important. So get moving!


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Natalia Urdiales
Natalia Urdiales


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