5 Habits To Improve your Relationship with Food!

by Natalia Urdiales February 11, 2021

Improve your Relationship with Food

By: Francisco Vega

Surely you have heard that a solution to many of the problems such as overweight, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. is having a good relationship with food. But how do you know if this is what is happening to you right now?


Let's see if you identify with any of the following phrases:

  • At lunchtime I finish with all the dishes on the table
  • I tend to end up too full after eating and still stay hungry
  • I often take a nap after eating
  • Due to work activities, I sometimes skip meals and tend to binge on dinner.
  • I tried several weight loss diets, but none worked for me
  • Every time I have anxiety I need to eat something, anything!
  • If I feel sad or unmotivated, I usually sleep and eat a lot
  • In the morning I usually have several cups of coffee to have enough energy


If you identify with one or more of these phrases, you are most likely having a bad relationship with food. This means that you are taking unconscious actions at the time of eating that are reducing your health and are resulting in certain unhealthy moments such as those mentioned above. This can lead you to trigger negative emotions with food, with which in the long term can be reflected in diseases. But don't worry, everything can improve. We understand you, we've also been there.

This is why we share 5 habits to improve your relationship with food that by practicing them daily will ultimately improve your relationship with food, leading you to not only enjoy it, but it will also be a way to add more well-being to your life.


#1. Prepare your food at home

Paying attention and being aware of the foods you choose at the time of making your meals will allow you to get involved in the process, leading you to value every aspect of the preparation, as well as testing what you did with your own hands and effort, so you will not see it as another meal if not as the time to eat.

#2. Enjoy the moment when eating

In short, looking to have time to enjoy food will be an important point. Binge eating, rushing, limited times and stress at mealtime are indicators to tell you that you have to prioritize your diet and your health through it. It's not about delaying 1 hour on your lunch or other meals, it's about giving yourself a specific time for it. 20 minutes can be a great start. Here are some Tips: don't use the phone at lunchtime, eat slowly, chew your food slowly.

#3. Give variety, heat and flavor to your dishes

"It's love at first sight". You've surely heard this popular phrase, depending on how much you believe in it, in food it's a reality. If the food looks appetizing, you eat it, do the same with your own dishes, you don't need to be a professional Chef. Try with various dishes, look for ideas on Instagram or Pinterest, add color to your food with different ingredients, with that you make sure that it looks beautiful in your eyes as well as creating satisfaction with a creation that will be yours. When you least expect it you will be presenting dishes like a professional in gastronomy!

#4. Drink enough water

We're mostly aware of this habit, but it's unconsciously put aside with the activities of our daily lives. Carry a bottle of water with you to make sure you are constantly consuming water and not getting dehydrated. How do you know that you should drink water? If you feel low energy, if you have a moment of anxiety, you have concurrent headaches, your vision becomes cloudy or when your lips feel dry.

#5. Be thankful for the food

Among so many things, to be thankful is an act that's being forgotten. Remember that you are having the opportunity to eat something, give thanks for it, beyond beliefs, gratitude is a value that is worked on every day and if you get used to it you will see how your perception of food changes. Try it, just like every day you say "good morning", "with permission", "please", apply the phrase or thoughts you want, but be grateful for that moment.


I hope that these habits put into practice help you improve your relationship with food, the most important thing is to be constant to see the changes. And remember

Healthy Habits = Healthy Living!


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Natalia Urdiales
Natalia Urdiales


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